Fetcham Village WI Committee:



President        Pat Maynard


Secretary        Anonymous


Treasurer        Janice Clanfield





Janet Cole


Jane Pratt


Rosemary Thompson






Registered Charity No : 803793



Links to other WI information:


Surrey Federation : https://surrey.thewi.org.uk/


Surrey Federation of WI : https://surreyfedwi.org.uk/




Fetcham Village WI is part of The Surrey Federation of WIs.  There are 100+ WIs in Surrey and they have been split into local groups to allow local members to get to know each other.

Our group is called EMLYN DOWNS and consists of :

            Ashtead WI

            Bookhams Bees WI

            Bookham Butterflies WI

            Eastwick WI

            Fetcham Village WI

            Great Bookham Belles WI

            Mole Valley WI

A committee made up of representatives from each WI in our group regularly organise different events where members can meet other local members and get involved in lunches, trips and local activities.

The committee is run by:

Group Convener Carol Day 

(a member of Ashtead WI)

Group Treasurer, Pat Maynard

(a member of Fetcham Village WI) 

All the Presidents in the Group

WI Advisor attached to the Group, Jill Elliott